// June 2023

By Moiz Rahman Memon - LUMHS, Treasurer IEEE Karachi Section, Pakistan and Umair Ahmed Korai - MUET, Vice Chair IEEE ComSoc Karachi Section Chapter

IEEE Communication Society (ComSoc) Karachi Chapter in collaboration with IEEE ComSoc Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) Jamshoro and Hamdard University Student Branch has organized a Membership Drive and Membership Drive Desk at 15th IEEE Pakistan Student / Young Professionals/Women in Engineering Congress SIGHT 2022 (PSYWCS’22) at Hamdard University Karachi on December 28–29, 2022. The purpose of this membership drive was to:

  1. Share Benefits of IEEE and IEEE Communication Society

By Anader Benyamin-Seeyar - Chair, IEEE ComSoc Montreal Chapter, Canada and Reza Soleymani - Vice-Chair, IEEE ComSoc Montreal Chapter, Canada

Main Activities

IEEE Montreal Chapter has been working towards benefitting from hybrid activities that took place during Year 2022. This concept was highly efficient to engage wit hour membership and inform them about all good, distinguished presentations that were offered within Canada and beyond.

By Baek-Young Choi - Chair of the WICE Standing Committee, Bige Bige Deniz Ünlütürk - WICE Publicity Chair, Lianet Mendez-Monsanto Suarez - WICE Student Travel Award Recipient and Rute C. Sofia - WICE Industry Relation Deputy

IEEE ComSoc Women in Communications Engineering (WICE) is a ComSoc Standing Committee dedicated to promoting the visibility and roles of women in communications engineering. A WICE event was held over two afternoons, on December 5th and 6th, 2022 during the 2022 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It offered a place to connect and enrich professional growth.

By Diego Dujovne - Past Chair, IEEE ComSoc Chile Chapter and Miguel Gutiérrez Gaitán - Chair, IEEE ComSoc Chile Chapter

On January 15, 2023, the IEEE ComSoc Chile Chapter had its ExCom 2023-2024 launch meeting. On this occasion, Dr. Diego Dujovne, Past Chair and Associate Professor at Universidad Diego Portales (UDP), Chile, made the official transition of functions to the new Chair of the IEEE ComSoc Chile Chapter, Dr. Miguel Gutiérrez Gaitán, Assistant Professor at Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello (UNAB), Chile.