Global Communications Newsletter (GCN)


Talks on Amateur Radio in the Indian Ocean

By Miroslav Skoric - IEEE Austria Section

7th IEEE Radio and Antenna Days of the Indian Ocean (IEEE RADIO 2019), Reunion Island

The 7th edition of IEEE Radio and Antenna Days of the Indian Ocean (IEEE RADIO 2019) was held in Reunion Island from 23 to 26 September 2019. The aim of the conference was to discuss “recent developments, theories and practical applications that cover the whole scope of radio frequency engineering, including radio waves, antennas, propagation and electromagnetic compatibility”. Besides IEEE, the event was co-organized by the Radio Society (Mauritius), and the Université de La Réunion. IEEE RADIO 2019 featured Best Student Papers, a Young Scientist Award and an Industrial Engineering Paper Award. Professor Vikass Monebhurrun and his associates Frédéric Alicalapa and Alexandre Douyere took care that the conference performs in a pleasant and fruitful atmosphere. Prof. Tapan Sarkar, a doyen of the conference, attracted the audience by questioning presenters’ results and posing provocative comments intended to initiate reconsidering scientific contributions discussed in several papers.


TeleWeek and Telecom 2020, Examples of Co-Working in the ComSoc Ecuador Society

By Román Lara - IEEE ComSoc Ecuador Chair

COVID-19 has induced social distancing, quarantine, and isolation, but in the same way has enabled the consolidation of telework, e-commerce, telemedicine, and of course e-learning.

In this sense, Teleweek and Telecom 2020 have been developed, in order to allow researchers to share the results of their work with academia, and at the same time keep our IEEE ComSoc members updated with knowledge related to trending topics in Communications.

IEEE ComSoc Ecuador decided, as the primary aim, to join efforts with the IEEE ComSoc Student Chapters, and this proposal has been quite effective from February. After several meetings, it was decided to join efforts to have a dedicated week in order to celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. We were planning to invite a Distinguished Lecturer (DL), in the DL Tour; to do that, we maintained contact with IEEE ComSoc Chile, as Professor Ekram Hossain was available for traveling to these countries and on those dates. Due to Covid-19, the DL tour was...


Workshop on Tracking and Decoding of LEO Weather Satellite, Kerala, India, February 2020

By A. Gopakumar - IEEE ComSoc Kerala Chapter Chair, India

A workshop on “Tracking and Decoding of LEO Weather Satellite” was organized by the IEEE ComSoc Kerala Chapter in association with ComSoc SBC UKFCET and CESA (Communication Engineering Students Association, UKFCET) on 22 February 2020 at UKF College of Engineering and Technology, Parippally, Kollam, India. It was a hands-on session and was the first event of the IEEE ComSoc Kerala Chapter in 2020. The session was organized by two licensed ham Operators: Mr. Vipin V A (assistant professor in the EEE Dept., Govt Engineering College Idukki; license no 37109 – call sign: VU3VVA); and Mr. Shankar Jayaraj (assistant professor in the ECE Dept., UKF College of Engineering and Technology, Kollam; license no 42238 – call sign: VU3FIY).

The day started with tracking of the NOAA satellite live image capture from 9.20 am to 9.40 am IST (22 February). The students could see the live image capture of the satellite and were very enthusiastic about it. An introduction to wireless communication and installation was given, covering various types of signal transmission formats...