Global Communications Newsletter (GCN)


Activities of the ComSoc/VTS Italy Chapter during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Barbara Masini - CNR - IEIIT, Bologna, Fabrizio Granelli - Chair of the IEEE ComSoc/VTS Italy Chapter, University of Trento, Italy, Francesco Benedetto - Roma Tre University, Roma, Gianni Pasolini - University of Bologna, Bologna and Silvia Ullo - University of Sannio in Benevento, Benevento

During the pandemic of COVID-19, the IEEE VTS/ComSoc Italy Chapter activated several initiatives for its members to keep them engaged in community activities, even if remotely.

A competitive Call for Ideas was opened to spring up solutions to the challenges posed by Coronavirus, leveraging the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). The main objectives of the initiative were:

  1. Help citizens and health workers as well as support the education system and the business world to face the emergency caused by the pandemic.

  2. Develop new forms of healthcare and education in order to hold up the Italian community in the reaction to the dramatic outbreak of Coronavirus.

This initiative encouraged both young...


The IEEE ComSoc Atlanta Chapter Offering Virtual Solutions to Help Its Members

By Tamseel M. Syed - Chair of the IEEE ComSoc Atlanta Chapter, YP AG, IEEE Day Ambassador, USA

The Atlanta ComSoc Chapter is one of the more active Chapters in IEEE Region 3 with more than 200 members. In late 2019, there was a transition in Chair leadership wherein Mr. Tamseel Mahmood Syed took over as the Chair of this Chapter. Mr. Tamseel has been associated with the field of wireless communication for the past 10 years. He completed his Master of Science in electrical engineering from The University of Akron in Ohio during 2011-13. He was a research assistant with his thesis focusing on co-operative (relay assisted) communication techniques. He has a few refereed publications from this work at the University of Akron. Then he was an intern at The Coca Cola Company for about six months and later became an RF engineer in Newfield Wireless which was part of Tektronix Communications from 2014 to 2016. He also completed his MBA from DeVry University in 2018 and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from The University of Alabama in Huntsville. His current research is focused on PHY layer...


IEEE Leadership Summit: Engineering in COVID-19: Second and Third Webinar: A Collaboration of the IEEE Indonesia Section, IEEE Region 10, and the IEEE Singapore Office

By Ewell Tan - Project Manager, IEEE Asia-Pacific Limited, Singapore

The IEEE Leadership Summit: Engineering in COVID-19 webinar was successfully concluded in three series with different highlights addressing the current global challenges and issues:

  • The first webinar on 2 May highlighted “When the most important technology is teamwork” (published in the R10 Newsletter, July issue, page 53).

  • The second webinar on 20 June focused on “Preparing and Shaping New Societies”.

  • Third webinar on 25 July focused on “Innovation and its challenges in the new world environment”.

This webinar series is a collaboration between the IEEE Indonesia Section, IEEE Region 10, and the IEEE Singapore office, which has successfully attracted over 600 participants in the Asia-Pacific region...