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Member and Global Activities: Improving Service and Diversity: Interview with Ana Garcia Armada, IEEE ComSoc Vice President for MGA

By Ana Garcia Armada - Vice President for Member and Global Activities and Stefano Bregni - Global Communications Newsletter Editor-in-Chief, Director Conference Operations

This article continues the series of nine interviews to the Officers of the IEEE ComSoc Member and Global Activities (MGA) Council, which is published every month on the Global Communications Newsletter.

In this series of articles, I introduce the Vice-President and the six Directors on the MGA Council (namely: Member Services, Industry Outreach, and AP, NA, LA, EMEA Regions), as well as the two Chairs of the Women in Communications Engineering (WICE) and Young Professionals (YP) Standing Committees. In each interview, one by one they present their sector activities and plans...


IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter: Scientific Activities Through Year 2021

By Sattar B. Sadkhan - Chair of IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter, University of Babylon, Iraq

During the year 2021, the chapter participated in technically support (with IEEE Iraq section) and enhancing the organization of 8 International conferences (technically sponsored by IEEE). These conferences are hold inside (8) Iraqi universities. Most of these conferences were held virtually, due to the existence of the COVID-19, and the existence of critical status in some Iraqi cities.

The main tasks of IEEE ComSoc Iraq chapter were working as volunteers to scientifically enhance the goodness of scientific and technical organization, and attracting academics (from Iraqi universities and from outside Iraq) for enhancing and...


IEEE ComSoc Bangalore Chapter: Winner of the 2021 Chapter of the Year Award

By Aloknath De - IEEE ComSoc Bangalore Chapter Chair 2021, India

A joyous moment for IEEE ComSoc Bangalore chapter to celebrate the winning of 2021 Chapter of the Year Award (CoYA) amidst 200+ ComSoc chapters globally. Also, it marks a three-years-in-a-row win of Chapter Achievement Award (CAA) at the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. As Chair 2021 and 2020 as well as Chair-Elect 2019, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the execom members, industry captains, academic community, young professionals and the student volunteers for making these happen. To the Team: my sincere appreciation on your wonderful dedication and contribution, even during the challenging pandemic time. Let me scribe here some of our actions in 2021 for our society and her members...