Global Communications Newsletter (GCN)


Member and Global Activities Interview with Nei Kato, Vice-President MGA

By Nei Kato - Vice-President for MGA and Stefano Bregni - Global Communications Newsletter Editor in Chief, Vice-President for Conferences

With this issue we begin a new series of eight interviews with the Officers of the IEEE ComSoc Member and Global Activities (MGA) Council, which will be published every month in the Global Communications Newsletter.

In this series of articles, I will introduce the Vice-President MGA and the five Directors on the MGA Council 2020-21 (namely: Membership Services and AP, NA, LA, EMEA Regions) and the Chairs of the Women in Communications Engineering (WICE) and Young Professionals (YP) Standing Committees. They will present their sector activities and plans...


4th IEEE Comsoc Summer School 2019 on Autonomous Systems

By Kashif Bashir - Chair, IEEE ComSoc Lahore Section, Pakistan

In Pakistan, the IEEE ComSoc summer school has been organized continuously from 2016. The first edition of the summer school was organized on 26-29 July 2016; the second edition of the summer school was organized on 11-14 July 2017; the third edition ofthe summer school was organized on 7-10 August 2018, and the theme of the summer school was Intelligent Communication Networks.

In the 2019 IEEE ComSoc Lahore Chapter organized the fourth edition of the IEEE ComSoc summer school at Islamia University Bahawalpur on 9-12 October 2019 with the joint collaboration of the IEEE UCET-IUB student branch and...


Brazilian Researchers and Company Develop Optical Network Planning Tool

By Joaquim F. Martins Filho - IEEE Northeast Brazil Section Chair, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

Researchers from the Optical Networks Group of the Department of Electronics and Systems at UFPE (Federal University of Pernambuco) in Recife, Brazil, started in August 2020 the execution of a new phase of an innovation project on the development of a computational tool for optical fiber communication networks planning. The initiative, coordinated by Professor Joaquim F. Martins Filho, from UFPE, is a partnership with Padtec, a leading manufacturer of optical transport systems, and includes the participation of teaching researchers from the Department of Electronics and Systems (DES), doctoral and master students in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE)...