Turbo Code’s 30th Anniversary: Academic Integrity Promoted in Thai Societies

By Keattisak Sripimanwat - IEEE ComSoc Thailand Chapter Chair

IEEE ComSoc Thailand chapter organized online and onsite events including a book publishing to celebrate thirty years of turbo code invention (1993–2023). Its opening talk entitled “AI-based Smart Healthcare” was given by IEEE ComSoc AP region’s director Prof.Tomoaki Ohtsuki on November 22, 2023. An exhibition was also organized on the same day at the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (head office), Bangkok.

At the event, an introduction to the book “The Concatenation” was announced with words of gratitude delivered to its sponsors (president and dean of faculty of engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang). This storytelling book dedicates 264 pages to honor the invention of turbo code and one of its inventors, Dr.Punya Thitimajshima. It also contains contemporary stories of local science & telecommunications communities in parallel with turbo code’s history. Several books were delivered nationwide at no cost to school libraries and policymakers in the science & technology (S&T) institutes. Its eBook and a short documentary — video is serving at web.facebook.com/IEEEComSocThailand.

In detail, that onsite activity was not only to demonstrate the book to IEEE members & audiences but also to share “academic integrity” with related societies. Since the beginning of 2023, one of Thailand’s headline news was with academic authorship coinciding with worldwide reports such as “Thailand saw as the second sharpest uptick in the number of publications” (Nature: shorturl.at/gjoEQ). Apart from those dishonesty styles (authorship, falsification, plagiarism, and fabrication), another serious case of “conflict of interest” was also mentioned in the book. It recalled the beginning of national S&T awards which were donated by a government unit and presented by its head, over a decade later that executive became the same award recipient!

Throughout the year 2023, several investigations were continuously reported. The IEEE ComSoc Thailand chapter then joined that nationally highlighted agenda with a sustainable solution presented at the exhibition (“Confession at the hearing for the better future of Thai science and technology”).

Finally, the contribution of turbo code in the past thirty years is not only to improve communications quality over the noisy channels, but its concerned stories regarding ethics, governance, and conflict of interest, is still a good lesson learned to improve our societies to date.