7th ComSoc Turkiye Education Camp

By Mehmet Atif Kasim - IEEE ComSoc Turkey Chapter and Tuncer Baykas - IEEE ComSoc Turkey Chapter

The 7th annual “ComSoc Turkiye Education Camp” event, organized by the IEEE Communi-cations Society (ComSoc) Turkey Chapter, was held on December 23-24, 2023, hosted by Ozyegin University.

The first session of the event’s first day began with the opening speech and informative presentation by Tuncer Baykas, the then IEEE Turkey Section Chair, and the IEEE Communi-cations Society Turkey Chapter Chair. Following the opening speeches, IEEE ComSoc Tur-key Student Representative Mehmet Atif Kasim, IEEE Ozyegin University Student Branch Chair Seyit Kubilay Ulucay, and IEEE Ozyegin University ComSoc Chair Furkan Eren Azizoglu spoke in turn. Thus, the first session of the day concluded.

After a twenty-minute break, the day’s first technical session began with a presentation by Emrah Saridag from Turkish Airlines on “Cyber Threat Intelligence: Strategic Approaches for Airline Companies.” In this session, Emrah Saridag discussed how security networks for airline companies are established and how they can be made more secure, followed by a question-and-answer session. A twenty-minute break was then taken.

The third session of the day started with a presentation by Hakki Ibrahim Unyeli, the CEO of event sponsor LIMONCLOUD, on “Being a Cloud Computing Professional in the 21st Centu-ry and Entrepreneurship.” In this session, Hakki Ibrahim Unyeli spoke about how to find a place in the newly developing Cloud Computing sector and the technical areas one needs to be knowledgeable about to venture into this sector and shared his journey of establish-ing his company and the steps of entrepreneurship. After a question-and-answer session, a twenty-minute break was taken.

The fourth session featured Basak Ozbakis from Vestel as the speaker, with a presentation on “The Ongoing and Infinite Challenge of Communication.” Discussing new technologies at Vestel and around the world and the patenting processes of these technologies, Basak Ozbakis informed participants about various new technologies and discussed the steps they needed to follow, followed by a question-and-answer session. This marked the end of the fourth session of the day, followed by a one-hour lunch break.

“Foxhunt and Antenna Design” Parallel Education

After the lunch break, the first session began with a presentation by Bora Meral from Turksat on “Satellite Communication Systems.” Bora Meral discussed the history of Turksat’s satel-lite communication systems and the potential architectures of future systems, including models of satellites, followed by a question-and-answer session. A twenty-minute break was then taken, concluding the day’s fifth session.

The day’s sixth session was conducted by Dr. Yamac Kaya from Sysart on “Setting Personal Goals and Monitoring Personal Development.” This interactive session with participants discussed how they could set future goals and develop self-awareness. This concluded the day’s sixth session.

After a twenty-minute break, the day’s final session began with a presentation by Volkan Samli from Focus Inc. on “Radio Communication in Our Daily Lives and in Emergencies.” Discussing the history of Radio Systems, Amateur Radio in Turkey and globally, this interac-tive session with participants involved extensive exchanges of ideas about new-generation communication systems and their ergonomic usability. This concluded the first day of the event.

The second day of the event started with parallel sessions by Volkan Samli and Furkan Usta on “Foxhunt and Antenna Design” and by Emrah Saridag on “Cyber Threat Intelligence: Mal-ware Analysis, Introduction to Cyber Security.” Held simultaneously in different class-rooms, these parallel sessions allowed participants to gain knowledge and experience in their areas of interest by designing simple antennas and being introduced to cyber security.

Following these, the second parallel session featured Can Baran Morkoc, who informed participants about “Robotic Process Operation (RPA)” and discussed integration with this field for participants interested in developing in the communications area. After this parallel session, a one-hour lunch break was given.

After the lunch break, the third and final parallel sessions of the day took place. Hakan Hilmi Kapucu from LIMONCLOUD gave training on “Career Steps in Cloud Computing” and “The World of Cloud Computing with AWS,” while simultaneously, in another classroom, train-ers from a project called Yetkin Gencler (“Competent Youth”) provided education on “Ca-reer Planning and Effective Presentation Techniques.” These trainings aimed for partici-pants to not only improve technically but also socially and personally, becoming confident individuals for future career opportunities.

After the last parallel sessions, a closing and feedback session was held, concluding the “7th ComSoc Turkiye Education Camp.”