Overview of the IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer Program in Latin America (2022–2023)

By Fabrício Braga Soares de Carvalho - ComSoc LA Region DLT/ DSP Coordinator, Brazil

The biennial 2022–2023 was a very fruitful period for the ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer Program in Latin America. The main goal of the Distinguished Lecturer Program is to provide world-level lectures to IEEE members around the world. In Latin America, it is also an important vector to attract new student and professional members to ComSoc highlighting the technical and professional values of being an IEEE ComSoc member.

Distinguished Lecturer Tour presented by Dr. Michele Nogueira, March 2023.

The organization of a DL lecture (different lectures in an in-person tour or a virtual session) starts based on the interest from local chapters in one or more topics presented by a ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer. The goal is to identify research topics that attract the interest of a significant part of the members from that chapter or region. After identifying the best topics that tackle the attention of the local members, the DL Program coordinates with the speaker and with the local chapters the best itinerary (if a tour is organized) or the best schedule for an online presentation, always aiming to achieve the larger audience between ComSoc members.

In 2022, there were several distinguished lectures organized by ComSoc in Latin America. Nine (9) virtual lectures were organized by different chapters from the region (Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Morelos, Rio de Janeiro) and offered online to the local members and non-members as well as to all Latin America ComSoc members, based on promotions via social media and by email.

Additionally, one DL tour was organized in Brazil, with a total of six (6) lectures presented by Dr. Claudio da Silva (ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer — 2022/23) in different regions and cities of the country: Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Belém-PA and Santa Rita do Sapucaí-MG. Those six lectures dealt with topics related to IEEE 802.11 standards and their exciting applications. Also, one DL session was organized in Rio de Janeiro-RJ by Dr. Giovanni Geraci (ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer — 2022/23), with a focus on Wi-Fi 8.

During the year 2023, several activities were organized by different ComSoc chapters around Latin America. A total of three Distinguished Lecturer Tours were approved and thirteen lectures were presented to ComSoc members and non-members in 4 different countries by renowned speakers.

Dr. Michele Nogueira (ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer — 2023/24) presented the first DL tour of the year in Mexico in March 2023, when she visited three cities (Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Morelos) and offered 5 lectures to the local audience in different topics as cybersecurity, privacy, security, and STEM.

Distinguished Lecturer Tour presented by Dr. Michele Nogueira — November 2023.

The second DL tour of the year was conducted by Dr. Claudio da Silva in October 2023. He visited two countries (Colombia and Ecuador) and presented four lectures in two cities (Medellin, Colombia; and Ambato, Ecuador), providing new inputs on Wi-Fi sensing and millimeter-wave Wi-Fi.

In November 2023, Dr. Michele Nogueira presented the third DL tour of the year in Latin America, now visiting three cities in Colombia (Cali, Bogota, Barranquilla), discussing cybersecurity in four lectures.

Three virtual lectures were organized for a large audience during this year. Dr. Claudio da Silva presented one lecture about Wi-Fi sensing and the IEEE 802.11bf standard, organized by Ecuador Chapter in May 2023; Dr. Michele Nogueira presented a lecture organized by a Colombian university to present an overview on data science for cybersecurity; and Dr. Christian Timmerer (ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer — 2022/23) offered a virtual presentation HTTP Adaptative Streaming (HAS) to a Brazilian university in June 2023.

All the DL lectures organized by ComSoc Latin America in 2022 and 2023 received excellent feedback and comments from the virtual or in-person audiences, and positively impacted the technical activities provided by the local chapters to our members (professionals, students) and helped to attract new members to ComSoc in the region.

The IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer Program in Latin America continues its legacy of excellence as we announce the opening of applications for the 2024 cycle. Following the resounding success of the biennial 2022-2023 program, we are excited to invite all chapter leaders to submit their applications.