IEEE ComSoc Montreal Chapter: Winner of the 2022 NA Chapter Achievement Award

By Anader Benyamin-Seeyar - Chair, IEEE ComSoc Montreal Chapter, Canada and Reza Soleymani - Vice-Chair, IEEE ComSoc Montreal Chapter, Canada

Main Activities

IEEE Montreal Chapter has been working towards benefitting from hybrid activities that took place during Year 2022. This concept was highly efficient to engage wit hour membership and inform them about all good, distinguished presentations that were offered within Canada and beyond.

In fact, we did engage our Students, Young professional members, Life members, and Industrial relations group. We ran various programs for students such as organizing workshops, conferences, and seminars. Within these programs, we helped with creating direct communications between students and YPs with various Industrial enterprises, Governmental, and some other agencies.

These activities were in addition to the DLTs and DSPs programs that we ran for our Chapter membership. In fact, in Year 2022 our student members attended at our Section’s Research Boosts programs ran by YPs which is bring top industrial inventors to our universities and make presentations on their innovative products and projects which can attract our students to be connected and start their networking process. In addition, we bring Life members, Students, Chapter members, YP, and WIE together for the Biannual gathering of Multi-Generational Congress (MGC) events. This is a 2 days event and offers significant opportunities for networking and getting the best knowledge from experienced engineers and pave their career path.

Montreal Communication chapter is an active entity to organize workshops, conferences such as upcoming ICC 2025 in Montreal. We will be engaged to organize, manage and be local arrangement Chairs. Running such events require teamwork and hard work. In many cases, we collaborate with other sections, such as Ottawa Chapter to benefit from each others’ experiences and resources.

Montreal Communications /IT Chapter within IEEE Montreal Section’s programs works hard to initiate various targeted educational programs audiences and is involved with national and international VDLs and other conference related activities. This chapter is involved with other precious programs such as STEM Outreach, YPs challenging presentations, and Industrial liaison to enhance our student membership within the Montreal Section.

During Year 2022, we had 14 Virtual and Face-to-face events including one DLT tour offered by Dr. Kafi Hassan and his tour started from Toronto Chapter, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, and it ended at Quebec City Chapter. It was another successful experience and such events will be continued into Year 2023 for our membership benefits.

Networking at IEEE GLOBECOM 2022, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

IEEE Montreal Chapter’s Participation to the GCCC 2022

2022 GCCC was held in beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil December 4 and 5. The two days of the Conference were quite full starting from 8 AM and ending at 5 PM followed by very lively networking activities. The conference was chaired by Prof. Ricardo Veiga from Buenos Aires Chapter and managed by Trish Jaraicie, Director of Membership and Marketing, IEEE Communications Society. The meeting was organized skilfully and efficiently.

The conference started by chapters talking about their experience and discussing the usefulness of tools and measures that ComSoc puts at chapters’ disposal. Based on the outcome of the feedback from chapters the participants were organized into several breakout sessions. Each session discussed one of the issues raised in the feedback session.

After lunch the results of discussion in the three breakout groups were reported to the whole group and recapped. Higher Grade Recruitment & Student Recruitment.

There were several training sessions trying to enhance the best practices in High Quality Recruitment, Chapter Training: Pre-University STEM programs, Engaging Young Professionals.

There were also several session covering various important issues concerning the operation of the chapters. Theses included: Mentoring Program Sister Chapters Program and Student Branch matching, Volunteer Recruitment & Succession Planning, Chapter Funding, Internet for All, Distinguished Lecturers program.

Networking at IEEE GLOBECOM 2022, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil