WICE Panel at IEEE LATINCOM 2023: Empowering Women in Technology for Latin America's Future

By Yessica Sáez - Universidad Tecnológica de Panama, IEEE ComSoc Panama Chapter

The WICE Panel held withing LATINCOM 2023 on November 17, 2023, at Hotel Riu Plaza in Panama City, was a groundbreaking event that illuminated the exceptional contributions of women in the technology sector. The panel, titled, “Spotlighting Women Career Excellence,” featured distinguished speakers who shared their journeys, insights, and expertise, offering a wealth of inspiration and knowledge.

The panelists, representing diverse backgrounds and expertise, showcased the breadth and depth of women’s influence in technology. From Susana Lau’s entrepreneurial journey, to Michele Nogueira’s adventures in STEM, and Muriel Médard’s non-obvious approach to research, each presentation provided unique perspectives and invaluable insights. Yessica Sáez emphasized the importance of empowering women in communications engineering and highlighted her path to leadership within ComSoc.

The discussions underscored the significance of fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. The panelists’ achievements demonstrated that women play pivotal roles in shaping the future of technology, contributing to innovation, and driving positive change.

This panel holds profound importance for Latin America’s tech industry. It serves as a catalyst for change, challenging traditional norms, and stereotypes. By showcasing the accomplishments of these remarkable women, the event inspires the next generation of female leaders in technology. The insights shared contribute to breaking down barriers, promoting gender equality, and creating a more inclusive industry landscape.

Stephanie Black, ComSoc Panama Chapter Chair, as the moderator, brought her wealth of experience as an Electronic Telecommunications Engineer and Information Security Consultant. Susana Lau’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership in IEEE Panama Section added a dynamic perspective. Michele Nogueira, with her expertise in wireless networks and security, provided global insights from her position at Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Muriel Médard, a distinguished professor at MIT, brought a unique non-obvious approach to research. Yessica Sáez Barrios, an accomplished researcher and coordinator in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Technological University of Panama, highlighted the importance of women’s empowerment in communications engineering.

Women in Communications Engineering (WICE) emerged as a driving force for positive change in the industry. The panel demonstrated the significance of creating platforms like WICE, which provide visibility, mentorship, and a sense of community for women in technology. WICE events play a crucial role in dismantling gender stereotypes, fostering collaboration, and creating an ecosystem where women thrive and contribute meaningfully to the technological advancements of the region.

This WICE Panel stands as a testament to the transformative power of women in technology. Its impact resonates not only in the individual achievements of the panelists but also in the collective inspiration it provides for a more inclusive, diverse, and innovative future for Latin America’s tech industry.