What is New in Video Communication?

By Liangping Ma - InterDigital Communications, Inc., IEEE ComSoc San Diego Chapter Chair, USA and Yuwen He - InterDigital, San Diego, CA, USA

Traditional video applications such as video streaming and real-time video are using a signifi cant portion of the capacity of the wireless systems and the Internet, and new types of video-heavy applications, such as 360-degree video, are being added on top of those. It is important to understand not only how the existing communication systems and particularly 5G eff ectively supports these diverse video applications, but also how the video coding technologies can be optimized for the best user experience given the network condition. To help the IEEE members and professionals in the local community better grasp the video communication fi eld, on October 30, 2019, the IEEE San Diego Broadcast Technology Society, the Communication Society, and the Vehicular Technology Society organized a special event consisting of both technical talks and a live demo on cutting-edge video communication technologies.

From left to right: Dr. Murat Karsi (event organizer), Dr. Yuwen He (speaker), Srinivas Gudumasu (demo engineer), Dr. Liangping Ma (speaker and event organizer), and Manuel Guzman (event organizer).

Dr. Liangping Ma of InterDigital presented the latest technologies on video streaming and interactive video communication and how to design systems to optimize the Quality of Experience (QoE). The technologies include Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) and Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) across various platforms spanning LTE, Wi-Fi, Internet, and 5G NR. Dr. Yuwen He of InterDigital focused on an emerging video technology and presented an end-to-end video streaming system, which offers an immersive user experience by enabling 360-degree viewing and head motion parallax. The system comprised a server, a DASH client and a head tracker. The presentation covered various optimization techniques that minimize the computational complexity and the traffi c load.

The system described by Dr. Yuwen He, termed “360°/3DOF+ Video Immersive Experience”, was demonstrated by Srinivas Gudumasu of InterDigital. Many of the audience tried the demo system and were amazed by the exceptional user experience that the demo system offered. The presentations and the demo complemented each other, and together they made an educational and fun event!