Talks on Day of Light at Thailand Chapter: Twenty Five Years Thai Hologram, Solar Farm, and Updated Misleading LiFi

By Keattisak Sripimanwat - Chair, IEEE ComSoc Thailand Chapter

As previous years, Thai ComSoc chapter joined the international day of light (IDL) event as a national contact node. For IDL2021, its theme was set with “Society, Energy, and Lighting” ( The opening speech was given online on May 16 by Boonrucksar Soonthornthum, an advisor and former director of the national astronomical research institute of Thailand (NARIT). Recent NARIT projects was also introduced.

Following by a full story in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary for the golden jubilee hologram (1996), the documentary behind those beautiful 3D pictures was released by Thai ComSoc chapter. That fascinated collection is not only with historical content, but also includes different R&D perspective with high hidden cost. It is eventually one of the national milestones based on light (IEEE Foundation’s granted project 2019). This hologram story is quite a good lesson learned for the future national policy on science and technology development.

Next, the most popular title on “Solar cell & Solar Farm 2021,” was given by Dr.Kobsak Sriprapha, a NSTDA’s researcher. General knowledge was delivered successfully to non technical background audiences with up-to-date progress of various national projects.

Furthermore, another highlight topic was followed; “Light Fidelity (LiFi) case study: an immunity to pseudoscience.” Since LiFi is claimed as a counterpart of WiFi that using LED light bulb to be a new faster hotspot connecting to mobile devices ! However, LiFi as quite a serious hype, has been promoting irresponsibly for over a decade around the world. Thus, revealing its behind stories is that the way to protect our students, members, and people from this kind of crazed engineering. Summary of previous articles ( & with updated misleading stories including the rhetoric & excuses from recent few years, were then presented by the chapter chair. Related science communications through ComSoc’s social medias was done throughout the year in order to raising public awareness.

Finally, Thai ComSoc chapter would like to thank all IDL2021’s supporters; 1) IEEE photonics society (educational seed funding) 2) institute for the promotion of teaching science and technology (IPST) 3) electricity generating authority of Thailand (EGAT) and 4) metropolitan electricity authority (MEA), for their kindness to co-enlighten people on technology development with fraud prevention.