Synergy of IEEE and ECTI Thailand Sister Society: Moving to the Second Phase of Collaboration

By Keattisak Sripimanwat - Thailand Chapter Chair

The IEEE ComSoc Thailand chapter organized a signing ceremony for the second term of collaboration between the 40 year old IEEE Thailand Section and the Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology Association of Thailand (ECTI Thailand). This sister society-MOU will continued for another five year (2017–2022) period in order to re-encourage the exchange and dissemination of technical information, and to promote understanding and cooperation among the members of both organizations.

ECTI (, a 15 year old local association, was established with the aim to promote academic advancement in Thailand in the field of electrical engineering/electronics, computers, telecommunications and information technology, and serve as a source of knowledge for the various academic conferences. Organized in the country to easily find relevant articles in the field, it can be used in further research to be another force in the development of Thailand to make further progress.

Dr. Somsak Choomchuay (left, president of ECTI-Thailand) presents a signed sister society - MOU with Dr.Jitkasame Ngarmnil (right, president of IEEE Thailand section), Bangkok,18 July 2017.

From the previous five years of collaboration, many conferences were organized, co-organized, and technically sponsored. Joint technical activities, publications, mentoring programs, educational materials, awards, and many others activities provide value. From a communication engineering perspective, Thai Telecommunication Knowledge Management, a national free portal for this field (, was mentioned as the successful large project, resulting in the telco tome or the encyclopedia, amazing pictorial milestones, and with more than thousand words in a telecommunication glossary (English to Thai).

With the honor of being a single family, both sister societies achieved results with distinction, not only in Thailand alone but also expanding their above mentioned activities in the past few years to nearby countries where no IEEE section is established yet, including Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.

Absolutely, this second phase of synergy is expected to again lead to greater benefits for the advancement of technology to their members and neighbours. We are in the same family, IEEE & ECTI.