News from the Finland Joint Chapter: 6G Summit, White papers and Webinars

By Harri Saarnisaari - Chair of the IEEE ComSoc Finland Joint Chapter COM19/IT12

The Finland Joint Chapter is cooperating with the 6G Flagship in Finland, inluding various events, white papers, seminars and so on. The first 6G Summit was held in March 2019 in Levi, and due to Covid the second one was organized online in 2020. Both were great successes showing the wide interest in 6G, or the next generation connectivity solutions.

The 6G Summit 2020 edition ( gathered over 400 registered participants before being cancelled in the previous week on those early dates of Covid influence to our daily activities. The summit was changed, ad hoc, to the online form, but that appeared to be a successful move despite all the rush and mess. The summit included a total of 161 presentations: seven keynotes, 37 invited presentations including 20 recorded videos and 10 slide presentations with audio, 75 technical papers including 29 recorded videos and 45 slide presentations with audio, and 42 posters.

This year’s summit included the writing of white papers from various angles of 6G. These were published in June (see Instead of meeting in face-to-face workshops during the summit, writing was totally online. Despite this inconvenience, writing groups did a good job. The topics covered UN’s sustainability development goals, business, trials, broadband access, RF, security, artificial intelligence, remote area connectivity, machine communications, edge intelligence, networking and localization.

Activities this autumn include webinars based on these 6G white papers. In total, there will be 12 webinars, one related to each white paper. Each 90-minute webinar in Zoom is free of charge. The individual webinar sessions are open to anyone interested in 6G and include a deep dive into the specific 6G theme followed by a moderated 30-minute discussion. In addition, a recorded video of the webinar will be openly available after the event. The first webinar was on Wednesday, September 9 at 17-18:30 FI time.

The full webinar series program and information on free registration for individual webinars is available at