News from the Denver ComSoc Chapter

By Mark Milliman - Denver ComSoc Chapter Vice-Chair, USA and Tim Weil - ICC 2024 General Chair

The Denver COMSOC chapter, like other chapters, is transitioning back to in-person meetings while incorporating some of the positive aspects of the last couple of years. We are facilitating more hybrid meetings especially technical talks to accommodate the hectic schedules of our members. Our section is geographically spread out over a geographical territory that can take two hours to reach from end-to-end. Hybrid meetings provide greater value to our members when the location is far away from them.

Another thing we are doing is co-hosting more events with other societies and geographical chapters. Co-hosting allows us to offer a greater quantity and diversity of technical talks than what we would do alone. Several of our events are applicable to other societies as well. Finally, we are reinvigorating our student chapters. We have three major universities in our section that are full of opportunities to connect students with our many local companies.

Our June chapter meeting was sponsored by the University of Denver (DU) as a way to create that opportunity. It was well-attended by DU faculty and students, COMSOC chapter members and the planning committee for the ICC 2024 conference. Part of the program was dedicated to review the recent IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2022 — Seoul, KR) presented by Tim Weil, Denver Chapter officer and chair of the ICC 2024 (Denver) conference.

As General Chair for the ICC 2024 (Denver) program, my recent trip to ICC 2022 seemed like a great opportunity to build interest in our program and recruit new volunteers to our committee. The talk highlighted this year’s conference theme “Intelligent Connectivity for Smart World” presenting advances in mobile wireless networks 5G/6G networks, AI/ML research and the future state of high-speed networks.

The meeting was intended to give local chapter members that could not attend or yet to volunteer for planning a better understanding of how the ICC conference is planned, and how they can contribute to our 2024 program. Steve Jia, CableLabs, provided a technical presentation on Radio Access Networks for 5G.

The Denver COMSOC chapter has several social and technical events planned for the rest of the year including company tours, DLT talks, and member presentations as well as a few social events with students and other local society chapters.

The IEEE Denver Section (and COMSOC Chapter) is hosting the 2024 ICC conference in Denver with the theme promoting “Scaling the Peaks of Global Communication Networks.” Colorado was home for the early COMSOC flagship conferences including GLOBECOM (1965) and ICC (1993) that were hosted in Boulder and Denver. Our local organizing committee continues to welcome volunteers and local telecommunication industries and professionals to join our program. For more information contact us at —

Tim Weil at ICC 2022 (Seoul, KR) -