IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (IEEE HPSR 2023)

By Carla Fabiana Chiasserini - HPSR 2023 Technical Program Co-Chair, Dimitrios Koutsonikolas - HPSR 2023 Technical Program Co-Chair, Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou - HPSR 2023 General Chair and Gang Li - HPSR 2023 Technical Program Co-Chair

The 24th edition of the IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing was organized in Albuquerque, NM, USA, June 5–7, 2023. The International Conference was held in Sheraton Albuquerque airport hotel, Albuquerque, NM, USA, hosting more than 47 participants in person and few more participants that attended the program online due to some travel restrictions. The 24th edition of IEEE HPSR was the first one in the history of the conference to be in person after the pandemic. This first in-person edition of IEEE HPSR 2023 after the pandemic had its own challenges in terms of attracting submissions and participants to travel at Albuquerque, New Mexico, while also some of the participants had visa issues. However, at the end, IEEE HPSR 2023 was a very successful event with more than 47 participants in person and accommodating the needs of some online participants. This was a good first step for more attendees in the future in-person editions of the conference. Also, the venue of IEEE HPSR 2023 was strategically selected to be close to the Sunport International Airport at Albuquerque, and at the same time next to downtown for people who wanted to see the city.

Dr. Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, Dr. Carla Fabiana Chiasserini, and Dr. Gang Li, TPC Co-Chairs, along with the support of the rest of the Organizing Committee members, put together a 3-day technical program that brought together experts from industry, academia, and research to share their vision as well as their achieved advances in the continuing evolution of high performance switching and routing. The 24th edition of the IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing focused on the topic of Artificial Intelligent Next Generation (NextG) Integrated Communications and Computing Systems.

The first day of the conference started with the welcome message from Dr. Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou, General Chair, and the opening remarks were presented on the second day of the conference by Dr. Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, TPC Co-Chair.

Two keynote talks were delivered by Dr. Shivendra S. Panwar and Dr. Ian F. Akyildiz on the second and the third day of the conference, respectively, focusing on the topics of next generation wireless networks and the Internet of Space Things. Specifically, Dr. Panwar delivered a talk titled “Latency is the new Bandwidth” and Dr. Akyildiz analyzed the topic: “A New CubeSat Design with Reconfigurable Multi-band Radios for Dynamic Spectrum Access in Internet of Space Things.”

Five tutorials were delivered in the 3-day duration of the conference covering a wide range of interesting topics ranging from distributed 5G network architectures to high performance computing, to network softwarization. Dr. Chiara Boldrini, Tutorial Chair, organized the review process of the submitted tutorials. The tutorials attracted great interest from the participants, creating a vibrant environment for research discussions. Additionally, an online workshop was held on the first day of the conference focusing on a wide variety of topics related to high performance switching and routing and the online session was moderated by Dr. Anna Maria Vegni and Dr. Aris Leivadeas, Workshop Co-Chairs.

Five technical sessions were organized focusing on the topics of Programmable Control and Data Plane, Switching and Routing, Wireless Networks, Machine Learning & Networks, and Terrestrial and Aerial Mobile Networks. Five papers were presented at each of the five technical sessions followed by questions and the answers, engaging the participants in lively discussions. IEEE HPSR 2023 received 42 submissions in the main conference out of which 18 papers were accepted for publication and will be presented in the IEEE proceedings. Also, 7 invited papers were received by prominent researchers in the field of high performance switching and routing. All the papers went through a rigorous review process receiving at least three reviews per paper. The best paper award was assigned based on the weighted score of the reviews, the overall paper quality, and the received comments by all the reviewers. The paper “Do Switches Still Need to Deliver Packets in Sequence?,” co-authored by Ufuk Usubutun, Fraida Fund, Shivendra Panwar, New York University & Tandon School of Engineering, USA, received the best paper award, which was announced during the gala dinner on the second day of the conference.

Best paper award for the paper “Do Switches Still Need to Deliver Packets in Sequence?” by Ufuk Usubutun, Fraida Fund, Shivendra Panwar, New York University & Tandon School of Engineering, USA.

Several social events took place in the 3-day HPSR conference. In the evening of the first day, a welcome reception was held, welcoming all the participants to the conference. During the welcome reception, the posters and demos were presented attracting the interest of the participants and engaging them in fruitful discussions. Dr. Xiang Sun, Posters & Demos Chair, organized the posters and demos submission and review process. The gala dinner of the conference was organized in the evening of the second day, where the best paper award was also announced, and the participants had the opportunity to taste the unique cuisine of New Mexico. Refreshments were offered to the participants during all the days of the conference, including food, beverage, and coffee breaks.

The EDAS submission system and the preparation of the IEEE proceedings were prepared by Dr. Pantelis Frangoudis, and Dr. Andrea Morichetta, Publication Co-chairs, and the publicity of the conference was supported by Dr. Suzan Bayhan, Dr. Sumitro Bhaumik, and Dr. Zhu Wang, Publicity Co-chairs. Dr. Symeon Papavassiliou, Panel Chair, supported the conference by identifying potential keynote speakers. The website of the IEEE HPSR 2023 was handled by Md Sadman Siraj, and Panagiotis Charatsaris, Web Co-chairs, and IEEE continuously supported the conference with Shirley P. Cisneros, ComSoc Project Manager, and Bruce Worthman, Financial Chair. The Organizing Committee would like also to thank the volunteers that supported the local arrangements during the 3-day conference, Aisha B Rahman, Md Sadman Siraj, Arianna Santamaria, Jenilee Jao, and Adedamola Adesokan, volunteers of IEEE HPSR 2023.

The Organizing Committee received very encouraging comments from the participants regarding the technical program of the conference, as well as of its excellent organization. The Organizing Committee would like to thank all the Technical Program Committee members, the authors, the keynote speakers, and all the participants for making IEEE HPSR 2023 a remarkable experience. Extended versions of selected papers will be fast-tracked to: Computer Networks (Impact factor 5.493).