IEEE ComSoc WICE Event at IEEE Education Society Leadership Summit, Vizag, India

By Mallellu Sai Prashanth - Deputy Chair (Publicity), IEEE Comsoc WICE, India

The Event at IEEE Education Society Leadership Summit 2023 and IEEE COMSOC WICE track mainly focused on:

  • Hands on workshop on cybersecurity and digital forensics.

  • Coding contest for women coders.

  • Mentor and mentee interaction workshop planning on mentoring activity plenary.

  • Talk on advancements in 60 communication technologies.

  • Panel discussion on Women in STEM and Engineering Career.

Workshops and mentoring sessions are invaluable for individuals and organizations looking to bolster their cybersecurity and digital forensics capabilities, as they provide both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in dealing with security threats and digital investigations. Introduction to digital forensics, its importance in cyber investigations, and an overview of cybersecurity concepts, importance, and the evolving threat landscape.

  1. Practical exercises on setting up a secure environment.

  2. Identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats.

  3. Conducting network and system security assessments.

  4. Learning to use various cybersecurity tools and software.

Hosting a coding contest specifically for women coders is a great way to encourage and support diversity in the tech industry.

The main objectives of this coding contest are:

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

  • Showcasing the coding talents of women coders.

  • Providing a platform for networking and skill development.

  • Encouraging women to pursue careers in technology.

A panel discussion like this can serve as a platform for sharing experiences, strategies, and insights to empower women in STEM and engineering, while also inspiring others to work towards greater diversity and inclusion in these fields.

The program’s conclusion was marked by a Mentor and Mentee Interaction Workshop, where participants had the opportunity to reflect on their mentoring experiences. This event served as a platform for mentors and mentees to celebrate their achievements and to engage in discussions about their future plans. It was a moment to recognize and appreciate the growth and success that had been achieved through these meaningful mentoring relationships. The IEEE Education Society Leadership Summit provided an ideal backdrop for this culmination, emphasizing the program’s commitment to fostering professional and personal growth within the society.

The impact of the IEEE ComSoc WICE Track Event resonated deeply with its diverse audience. Participants, numbering 400 strong, left the event with a newfound confidence in their ability to secure digital environments. Practical exercises on setting up secure systems had a profound effect on their skill sets, empowering them to contribute to the defense of critical digital infrastructures. They departed with the knowledge and practical experience needed to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats, thereby making a tangible difference in the realm of cybersecurity.

For women in the tech industry, the coding contest was a source of inspiration and motivation. It showcased the incredible coding talents of female coders, proving that they are just as capable and innovative as their male counterparts. The event spurred a sense of empowerment, pushing women to pursue careers in technology with greater determination.

Networking opportunities and skill development platforms provided by the event fostered a strong sense of community and camaraderie among the attendees. This not only bolstered their professional connections but also left them feeling more integrated and valued within the tech industry.

In summary, the impact of the IEEE ComSoc WICE Track Event was profound. It left participants with enhanced cybersecurity skills, inspired a new generation of female tech enthusiasts, and provided them with a supportive network to propel their careers forward. The event empowered its audience to contribute positively to the tech industry and reinforced the importance of diversity and inclusion in the field.