IEEE ComSoc University of Bahrain Student Branch: Introduction to Arduino Programming Workshop

By Ehsan Ali Alhawaj - Chair, IEEE ComSoc UOB Student Branch, Bahrain

The IEEE University of Bahrain (UOB) Student Branch organized a remarkable activity called “Introduction to Arduino Programming,” which quickly gained recognition as one of the best events of the year. This hands-on workshop aimed to introduce participants to the world of Arduino programming, enabling them to explore the potential of this powerful microcontroller. The event garnered significant praise and attention due to the positive outcomes it generated for the attendees.

The “Introduction to Arduino Programming” workshop empowered participants by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to harness the capabilities of Arduino boards. The organizers meticulously designed the curriculum to cater to individuals with varying levels of programming experience, making it accessible to both beginners and more advanced participants. Also, workshop commenced with an overview of the Arduino platform, highlighting its versatility and wide range of applications. Participants were introduced to the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and taken through the essential components of an Arduino board, including input/output pins, sensors, and actuators. The true essence of the workshop lay in its hands-on approach. Participants were encouraged to engage in practical exercises, which allowed them to write and upload their first Arduino programs. Led by experienced mentors, attendees learned how to control LEDs, read sensor data, and even control motors using Arduino. These hands-on activities provided a deep understanding of the concepts and instilled confidence in the participants’ programming abilities. The workshop fostered a collaborative environment where participants could learn from both the mentors and one another. Group projects and interactive sessions allowed attendees to exchange ideas, troubleshoot together, and build a supportive community. This networking aspect of the event created lasting connections among enthusiasts, fostering an environment of continued growth and knowledge-sharing.

The practicality of Arduino programming was emphasized throughout the workshop. Participants were exposed to a wide array of real-world applications, such as home automation, robotics, and Internet of Things (IoT) projects. This exposure ignited their creativity and imagination, inspiring them to explore innovative solutions to everyday problems. This activity yielded numerous positive outcomes for the participants. Firstly, it sparked an interest in programming and electronics among individuals who had never delved into these fields before. Many attendees discovered a newfound passion for technology, which motivated them to pursue further studies or careers in related disciplines.Secondly, the workshop provided a strong foundation in Arduino programming, equipping participants with the skills to undertake more complex projects independently. As a result, several attendees went on to develop their own Arduino-based prototypes and showcase them at various events and competitions.Lastly, the success of the workshop inspired the IEEE ComSoc UOB Student Branch to organize similar activities in the future, further enriching the learning opportunities available to students. The positive feedback received from participants encouraged the organizers to continue offering workshops on different aspects of technology, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

IEEE ComSoc UOB Student Branch would like to take the opportunity to extend their sincere and deep appreciations to Wafeeq Ajoor, Chair, IEEE ComSoc Bahrain Chapter, who encouraged and facilitated, through formal written request to UOB EE Department, this very rewarding and memorable hands-onelectrical and/or electronic engineering activity.