IEEE ComSoc Puebla Chapter, Mexico: Winner of the 2019 LA Chapter Achievement Award

By Ignacio Enrique Zaldívar Huerta - Puebla Chapter Chair

First of all, in the representation of my chapter, I would like to express our thanks for this award. It is very motivating for the members and for me to receive this recognition obtained as a consequence of teamwork. The ComSoc Puebla chapter was founded in 2011 and now is in a consolidation process. This work has required a big effort and enthusiasm, and finally we have started to see the results. It is very important to remark that the main achievement of this year was the consolidation of an IEEE ComSoc student chapter. Undoubtedly, the participation of our chapter in the IEEE Comsoc Distinguished Lectures Tours has been a motivation for the students. In this regard, as with every year, we have participated in the organization of a Distinguish Lecture Tour. This event was carried out mainly between El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico. Internally, in Mexico, this event was in collaboration with the Morelos, Guadalajara and Monterrey Chapters.

I take this occasion to express my thanks for the enthusiast participation and help of these chapters. For example, in 2019 the presence of Professor Sudhit Dixit’s tour in Mexico was achieved in collaboration with the Morelos, Puebla, and Guadalajara chapters. In Puebla, Professor Sudhit Dixit participated in the keynote conferences organized by the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics. Even more, the participation of other IEEE ComSoc members such as Ph.D.. Maria Catalina Chico Ovando with another keynote conference was fundamental. It is important to remark that more than 100 people attended these talks. As I mentioned before, the presence of these personalities has motivated the students to participate in an active way. By another side, the new IEEE ComSoc student chapter participated in the IEEE day celebration, in a recruitment day, and in a series of technical meetings organized by the IEEE Puebla Section.

It is evident that the collaboration with other IEEE technical societies allows reinforcing our activities and presence in our region. At the same time, it is important to remark the valuable support of the IEEE ComSoc staff in the organization of Distinguish Lecture Tours, the enthusiastic participation of the Lecturers, as well as, the chairs of the El Salvador, Guatemala, Morelos, Guadalajara, and Monterrey Chapters. As future work, it is evident there is a necessity to involve more students in the new student chapter, this is, to promote new memberships for ComSoc in other Universities and Institutes, to continue with the visit of a Distinguished Lecturer of ComSoc, as well as to increase our technical activities. It is a pleasure for me to see the motivation of the students in our activities. In a personal way, to participate as an IEEE volunteer has allowed me to know various colleagues and persons from others areas, allowing me to grow as a person and professionally. Definitively, this work must to continue and the recompense will be the consolidation of our chapter, as well as an active participation in the professional actives in our region. Finally, I can summarize this brief article with this phrase: “The seed has already been sown; now it must be cultivated”.

People attending the IEEE ComSoc DLT event at Puebla Chapter: 11° Seminario de Electronica y Diseño Avanzado, 2019.