IEEE ComSoc Lahore Section Celebrates World Telecom Day 2017 in Pakistan

By Kashif Bashir - Chair, IEEE ComSoc Lahore Section, Pakistan

IEEE Communication Society Lahore Section and KICS-UET organized World Telecommunication Day (WTC) on 16 May 2017. The event was held at Seminar Hall at the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, embraced by many high-ranking officials and experts from academia and industry. The event, which had the theme “Big Data for Big Impact,” was attended by: Mr. Kashif Bashir, IEEE ComSoc Lahore Section Chair, Edwart Zhang, Vice President of Huawei Technologies China, Mr. Javed Aslam, EVP Technical PTCL, Dr. Amjad Hussain, Director, Fast University, Mr. Sajjad Kirmani, CEO, Infogistic, Mr. Fysal Gill, Senior Director, SpeedCast, Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood, Director KICS, Mr. Moeez Ahmad Faizi, and the Deputy Chief, Telecom Punjab Safe City Authority. The purpose of WTD was to highlight the importance of communication in our lives.

The event began with a video message by Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Piuri, who is a full professor at the University of Milan, Italy. He emphasized the importance of Big Data in today’s world and thanked the organizers for organizing the World Telecom Day 2017 at KICS UET Lahore.

The chief guest of the occasion, Edward Zhang, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Solutions, spoke about the strong friendship between Pakistan and China and how beneficial it has been since the outset in terms of business development between the two countries. He also spoke about ICT solutions, and Huawei Pakistan’s functions. Mr. Zhang then presented an overview of the Safe City Project Lahore, and the Smart City Services Development and IoT Services.

Edward Zhang, fifth from left, with attendees.

Javed Aslam, Executive Vice President Technical PTCL, expressed his views on “How PTCL Connects us to the World.”

Amjad Hussain, Chair of the IEEE Lahore Section and Director of FAST, presented his views on technology enhancements and communication development.

Fysal Gill, Head SpeedCast (Central & South Asia), talked about topics such as GPRS technology and satellite systems.

Sajjad Kirmani, CEO Infogistic, discussed his views on legacy systems, advancements in technology, cloud computing, and the explosive growth of telecom in Pakistan.

Moeez Ahmad Faizi, Deputy Chief of Telecommunication, Punjab Safe City Authority, discussed the safe city projects and speed connectivity.

Prof. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Vice Chancellor of UET Lahore, thanked the guests and stressed the importance of technology in today’s world. He also made special mention of Huawei’s collaborations with UET.

Prof. Waqar Mahmood, Director of KICS, also spoke about the importance of Big Data and gave a presentation on the IEEE and the KICS’ Labs.

The event concluded with the distribution of souvenirs among the guests.

A post panel discussion followed in which the distinguished guests and high-ranking officials of the Al-Khawarazmi Institute discussed their views on the impact of Big Data. Kashif Bashir, IEEE Com- Soc Chair and Manager at HUTIC, elaborated on Big Data’s impacts on the masses and told the panel about conducting more events like these in the future. He also thanked all the guests and members of IEEE who attended this event.