IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter: Scientific Activities Through Year 2021

By Sattar B. Sadkhan - Chair of IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter, University of Babylon, Iraq

During the year 2021, the chapter participated in technically support (with IEEE Iraq section) and enhancing the organization of 8 International conferences (technically sponsored by IEEE). These conferences are hold inside (8) Iraqi universities. Most of these conferences were held virtually, due to the existence of the COVID-19, and the existence of critical status in some Iraqi cities.

The main tasks of IEEE ComSoc Iraq chapter were working as volunteers to scientifically enhance the goodness of scientific and technical organization, and attracting academics (from Iraqi universities and from outside Iraq) for enhancing and participation in these conferences. One of these conferences hold in Kurdistan region in North of Iraq.

  1. 7thIEC-2021: The 7th International Engineering conference sustainable Technology and development (IEC2021) in February 24–25, 2021 at Ishik International university — Erbil city (Kurdistan Region).

  2. BICIT2021: 1st. Babylon International Conference on Information Technology and Science 2021, April 30–May 1, 2021, at University of Babylon- Information Technology College.

  3. ICICT2021: International conference on Communication & Information Technology (ICICT2021), June 5-6, 2021, at Iraqi University College in Basra City , south of Iraq.

  4. ACA2021: International Conference on Advanced Computer applications. July 25–26, 2021 , at Imam Alkadhum university College in Misan city , south of Iraq.

  5. ICCITM-2021: 7th international conference on contemparory Information Technology and mathematics 2021, August 18–19, 2021 at Mosul university, College of computer and Information technology, in Mosul City, North of Iraq.

  6. 4thiiceta2021: 4th International Conference on engineering Technology and its Applications 2021, September 1–2, 2021, at Islamic university, Al-Najaf City.

  7. ICASEA’21: International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Engineering and Applications 2021. (13–14 October 2021), held at Wasit University, engineering College in Wasit City.

  8. 2nd IT-ELA2021: 2nd International Conference of Information Technology to enhance E-Learning and other applications –2021, (December 28–29, 2021), at Baghdad University College, Baghdad City.

Signing the local MoU of the Conference 7th-IEC2021 in Ishik International conference

The welcoming for the participants in the conference ICASEA21 in Wasit University

The main voluntaries tasks of the members of IEEE Iraq section and IEEE Comsoc Iraq chapter were concentrated to enhance (Scientifically) the holding and choosing the best suitable (with very good quality) of the pre-accepted papers to be upload to IEEE digital explore library. And also, to encourage the universities to go a head in organizing (yearly) such important scientific conferences. And we visited these universities many times and discussed with their conferences organizers the importance of going a head in establishing such conferences (with the existence of critical health status, and other difficulty states in some Iraqi cities).

Also, the IEEE Iraq Comsoc Chapter signed two local MoU with two universities to hold their International conferences in 2022. These are:

  1. With the Al-Muthana University Engineering College: MICEST-2022 — 2022 Muthanna International Conference on Engineering Science and Technology, March 16–17 2022. This conference will be hold in Al-Muthana city — South of Iraq

  2. With Basra University, Computer and Information Technology, ICCIT’2022: 2022 International Conference on Communication & Information Technologies (ICCIT), September 7-8, 2022. This conference will be hold in Basra City , South of Iraq.

  3. HICNAS2022: 1st AL-Hikma International Conference on Natural and Applied Sciences 2022, May 14, 2022. This conference will be hold in Baghdad City

There are other 7 conferences will be signing their local MoU in the nearest time, after finishing all the requested aspects.

This means that in this year (2022) we have 10 International Conference supported by IEEE, this will be clear and good message to the world that Iraqi academics have good results through what what they surrounding them.

Some of the participants in the Conference ACA2021 in Al-Kadhum university college-in Misan

Poster session in the conference ICICTM-2021 in Mosul University

4thiiceta2021: 4th International Conference on engineering Technology and its Applications 2021

Signing Local MoU with al-Hikma University College