IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter Activities Through Year 2020 by Prof. Sattar B. Sadkhan,

By Sattar B. Sadkhan - Chair of IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter, University of Babylon, Iraq

During 2020, the Chapter participated in scientifically supporting the organization of six International Conferences technically sponsored by IEEE inside Iraqi universities. Most of these conferences were held virtually, due to the existence of COVID-19 and also the critical political situation in many Iraqi Cities, which started on 15 October 2019. The main tasks of IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter members were working as volunteers to scientifically enhance the good organization, and attracted academics (from Iraq and outside Iraq) for participation in these conferences. Three of these conferences were held in the Kurdistan Region (North of Iraq):

  1. IEC-2020: 6th International Engineering Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (February 2020) at Ishik International University- Erbil City

  2. CSASE2020: International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (April 2020) at Duhok University- Duhok City

  3. ICOASE2020: Third International Conference on Engineering Technology and Its Applications (December 2020), hold in cooperation between Zakho University and Duhok Polytechnique University (DPU). The conference was organized virtually from DPU-Duhok City.

    The other three conferences were held in:

  4. IT-ELA 2020: 1st Information Technology to Enhance E-Learning and Other Applications (April 2020) at Baghdad Economic University College, Baghdad City

  5. 2nd NICST 2020: 2nd Al-Noor International Conference for Science & Technology (August 2020), Baghdad City.

  6. IICETA20: Third International Conference on Engineering Technology and Its Applications (December 2020), held at Islamic University-Najaf.

Sattar B. Sadkhan (at right), Chair of IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter, with the Dean of Baghdad Economic University College (at left) at the IT-ELA 2020 conference.

The main efforts paid by the volunteer members of IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter concentrated on encouraging the universities to go ahead in organization of such online conferences, and we visited these universities many times and discussed with the organizers the importance of going ahead in establishing such scientific conferences (within the existence of critical health status, and a very critical political situation) inside our country — Iraq.

The volunteer team of organizers of IT-ELA 2020 from the IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter