IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter Activities: Serving IEEE ComSoc Members in a Country at War

By Sattar B. Sadkhan - Chair of the IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter

The IEEE ComSoc Iraq chapter was established at the end of Nov. 2011. The chapter includes members from academic institutes, ministries (Communication, Science and Technology), and non-government wireless communication companies (especially Asia Cell and Kalimat).

During these past five years the Chapter has organized many scientific activities within Iraq, especially in co-sponsoring national and international conferences and workshops. There were also many scientific activities organized by the Iraq Chapter outside of Iraq, in India, China, and the U.K. Most of these activities were organized and planned by the founder of the ComSoc Iraq Chapter, Dr. Eng. Sattar B. Sadkhan, who is a Senior Member of IEEE, and who served as past chair of the IEEE Iraq Section for the period 2008-2014.

Academic Activities

In just one year, from June 2014 up to June 2015, the Chapter organized (co-sponsored) about 15 scientific activities throughout the eight Iraqi cities. It was a great challenge for the Iraq Chapter members to organize these activities when considering the very critical safety status in many cities. The Chapter members took such responsibilities on themselves to organize these activities within many universities. The ComSoc Chapter is fighting against ISIS by continuing to organize activities with any group who wants to cooperate with the Iraq Chapter!

National Scientific Events: In March 2014, a scientific workshop with the theme, “The Role of Information and Communication Technology in Education” was organized at Basra University, in College in cooperation with the Iraq ComSoc Chapter. The Chapter Chair delivered the openning lecture at this workshop on the topic, “The Required Infrastructure Communication Technologies to Support e-learning in Iraq”.

In April 2015, the ComSoc Chapter, in cooperation with the Kufa University College of Computer and Mathematics, organized a scientific workshop on “E- Criminal”. This workshop was one of many scientific activities organized within this university in the past four years in cooperation with the ComSoc Chapter. The Chair of the Chapter delivered the opening Lecture “The e-Criminal: Status and Challenges”.

With Waset University, the ComSoc Chapter cooperated in an International Conference organized within the Education College in April 2015. The keynote lecture at the opening ceremony of the conference was given by the ComSoc Chapter Chair on the topic, “Multidiscipline in Information Security”.

Waset International Conference.

In February 2015, in Kirkuk City in northern Iraq, a scientific workshop was organized in cooperation with AL-Qalam University College. The Chairman of ComSoc chapter delivered the opening lecture on the “Status of the Infrastructure of Communication Technologies Inside Iraq”.

In January 2015, the ComSoc Chapter, in cooperation with Islamic University College in Babylon City, organized a workshop on the topic, “5G Communication Technology”. The ComSoc Chapter Chair delivered a lecture on “The Status of Communication Technologies used in IRAQ after 2003”. In February 2015, at the same college, the ComSoc chapter organized a training course on “Robotics”.

The ComSoc Chapter cooperated with the Iraqi Engineering Council and “Promising Minds” NGO to hold many petition ceremonies for the products of different people of different ages. A ceremony was held on 1 Sept. 2015 in Baghdad, with another ceremony planned for November 2015 at the time of this writing.

Workshop in Basra City.

International Conferences (Inside Iraq): The First International Conference on Future Communication Networks (ICFCN’12) was organized in scientific cooperation with Al-Nahrain University in Baghdad at April 2012. Most of the members of the Scientific Committee and Technical Program Committee were Chapter members. The Chapter Chair organized a special session at this conference on the topic, “ Iraq Communication Security: Status and Challenges”.

On 18-19 December 2013 the Chapter scientific co-sponsored the International Conference on Electrical, Computer, communication, Power, Control Engineering (ICECCPCE’13) in Mosul City in Northern Iraq. One of the keynote lectures was given by the Chapter chair. The Conference was organized by the Mosul Technical College.

ICECCPCE13 Conference.

Lectures (Outside Iraq): Three lectures were given by the chair of the ComSoc Chapter outside Iraq about the role and activities of the Iraq ComSoc chapter inside and outside Iraq: at KL-University in India on 8-9 February 2012 with the postgraduate students on the status of the IEEE Iraq Section and IEEE Iraq ComSoc Chapter, and their scientific responsibilities and activities inside Iraq; at Northampton University in the U.K. in October 2013 with the postgraduate students and academic staff of the Computer Engineering College, on the topic “Multidisciplinary in Information Security”; and at Zhejiang Congshang University in China on 26 December 2013 with the undergraduate and postgraduate students, on the topic “Multidisciplinary Prospective in Information Security”.

Visit to a primary school for displaced students, serving more than 150 displaced kids from different cities in North of Iraq, occupied by ISIS- forces since 2014. These families lived in Babylon City.

Scientific Cooperation with the Ministry of Communication

A national scientific conference was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Communication in the capital city of Baghdad in 2011. Many Chapter members participated in the Scientific Committee of this conference. A special session on the topic, “Status of Communication Security in IRAQ after 2003” was organized by the chair of IEEE Iraq ComSoc Chapter.

Scientific Cooperation with the Industrial Sector In Iraq

Iraqi engineers (generally) are in very difficult circumstances, especially after 2003. Most industry institutes and companies ceased operation for many reasons, and this has led to poor relations between the industrial and academic sectors. But even with such a fact, the IEEE Iraq ComSoc Chapter, through its chair (who is a member of the consultant staff on the National Industrial Committee), organized many activities within the Industry Ministry, and two workshops held in mid-2014 at Babylon University with all industrial companies operating in Baghdad and the Mid Euphrates Region. The main goals of this workshop were:

  • Plan the “road map” for cooperation among industrial engineers in these companies and academic staffs at the universities in the Mid Euphrates Region.
  • Establish opportunities for scientific cooperation among the industrial and academic sectors.
  • Create opportunities for the industrial engineering sector to “re-establish the knowledge” through continuing education at the universities.

Withn all these goals, the ComSoc Chapter members did their best to provide support for the engineering background of the Iraqi industrial sector.

Scientific Relations with the Oil Ministry

The ComSoc Chapter established scientific relations with the Oil Ministry/Basra Oil Detection company. The first scientific workshop was organized in April 2015 in cooperation with this company and Basra University College for Science and Technology. The topic of the workshop was “Information and Communication Technologies”. The Chapter chair delivered the opening talk about the IEEE Iraq Comsoc Chapter and its role and aims in supporting the scientific requests and activities of the Oil Ministry and different companies within this Ministry.