IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter Strengthened the Connection with Campus

By Weixiao Meng - Chair of Harbin ComSoc Chapter, China

NO.1805003, a freshmen class at Harbin Institute of Technology held a leadership training activity on April 2, 2019, aiming at learning about the organization information of IEEE ComSoc, guiding students in life planning. In order to make conference discussions more efficient, the Chair of the IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter, Professor Weixiao Meng, was invited to attend the event.

First, Prof. Meng introduced the name of IEEE ComSoc, its development history, its influence around the world, and the profound function that it played in the growth of communication engineering. In addition, Prof. Meng explained some common sense knowledge, for example, how to calculate the life of a fellow. During the event, the students asked Prof. Meng many questions about the chapter, and Prof. Meng answered patiently. He recommended that joining the chapter is a great choice, both in terms of learning knowledge and expanding horizons. After the meeting, many students contacted the student chair of the IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter, and expressed their strong desire to join the chapter.

The students also asked questions about the difficulties encountered in college life, studying abroad and so on, and Prof. Meng answered conscientiously. He encouraged college students to plan their life ahead of time according to their own characteristics, and pay attention to the aspects related to the individual’s future planning on the condition of laying a good knowledge foundation. He stressed that the most important thing is not to waste time.

After Prof. Meng’s all-around and considerate explanation, the students had a better understanding of IEEE ComSoc, and they had a clearer plan for their lives. The event came to an end with warm applause. Pro. Meng presented Souvenir T-shirts to the students on behalf of IEEE ComSoc Harbin Chapter. Participants of this event took pictures together.