IEEE ComSoc Bolivia Chapter: Winner of the 2018 Chapter Achievement Award

By Sandra Hidalgo - Bolivia Chapter Chair

The ComSoc Bolivia Chapter feels highly honored receiving this award without purposely pursuing it. We started by creating a team that worked toward our 2017 goals. Among the most important ones were:

  • Spreading ComSoc information across industry and academia.

  • Strengthening and supporting the creation of new student chapters.

  • Technical training for professionals and students.

  • Membership development.

Training sessions were set up to fulfill these objectives. In two cases, out of a total of six, we organized events taking advantage of the ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) for chapters.

Song Guo, IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer, with Bolivia Chapter volunteers

In 2017, two DLTs took place in different cities: Cochabamba and La Paz. Making use of the DLP constituted a significant benefit for our Chapter by creating closer links to telecom operators, universities and other technology related entities. It was definitely a ComSoc seeds planting year in order to become widely known in our society as a leading-edge technology organization.

We are deeply thankful to the lecturers who visited us, not only because of their kindness, but also for sharing their profound technical knowledge, and motivating with their life experience active participation of professionals and students who were not ComSoc members. In our events, we also invite distinguished Bolivian professionals as lecturers. Their participation actively demonstrates our national expertise and capabilities. They are probably not well recognized and their inclusion provides other opportunities for our Chapter.

The DLT lecturers who visited us are:

  • Ph.D. Song Guo, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China (August 2017, La Paz): Cross-Cloud Resource Management for Big Data y Device-to-Device Communication in Cellular Networks.

  • Ph.D. Rose Hu, University of Utah, USA (november 2017, Cochabamba): Key Wireless Access Technologies in 5G and IoT Systems y Downlink and Uplink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in a Dense Wireless Network.

We are also thankful to our members professionals and students for their confidence and commitment. We received significant support from the Region 9 Board, worldwide ComSoc and our Section. All of them are important for the success of our work. We started 2017 with a single student chapter and finished the year with three chapters in two different cities. At this time we also have new members on our leadership team: Sandra Hidalgo, President; Hubert Abasto, Vice President; Eduardo Trigo, Industry Coordinator/Treasurer; Andrea Ávila, TISP Coordinator; and Christian Velarde, Membership development.