The IEEE ComSoc Atlanta Chapter Offering Virtual Solutions to Help Its Members

By Tamseel M. Syed - Chair of the IEEE ComSoc Atlanta Chapter, YP AG, IEEE Day Ambassador, USA

The Atlanta ComSoc Chapter is one of the more active Chapters in IEEE Region 3 with more than 200 members. In late 2019, there was a transition in Chair leadership wherein Mr. Tamseel Mahmood Syed took over as the Chair of this Chapter. Mr. Tamseel has been associated with the field of wireless communication for the past 10 years. He completed his Master of Science in electrical engineering from The University of Akron in Ohio during 2011-13. He was a research assistant with his thesis focusing on co-operative (relay assisted) communication techniques. He has a few refereed publications from this work at the University of Akron. Then he was an intern at The Coca Cola Company for about six months and later became an RF engineer in Newfield Wireless which was part of Tektronix Communications from 2014 to 2016. He also completed his MBA from DeVry University in 2018 and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from The University of Alabama in Huntsville. His current research is focused on PHY layer co-operative communication, signal processing for communications, non-linear signal processing/dynamics, RF design, 4G/5G systems, error control coding, decision/estimation theory, and cognitive radio. He became an IEEE Senior Member in 2020 and looks forward to improving the quality and quantity of value that IEEE offers to its members in the Atlanta Section. In order to accomplish this, he plans to encourage active participation from IEEE members by offering multiple opportunities including speakers from diversified fields of interest, continuation of virtual technical sessions, hosting national/international conferences, engaging student members, mentoring programs for young professionals, and many more.

In the first year of his leadership, he has already arranged for virtual lectures in July and August. During the July talk, Atlanta ComSoc hosted Dr. Syed Hassan Ahmed of JMA Wireless, who spoke about “Named Data Networking in Connected and Smart Cities”. This presentation showcased alternative protocols to IPv4 and IPv6 that can address the traffic congestion in today’s Internet. It was an enjoyable session on how the future of the Internet can be implemented. Another presentation on August 31, 2020 was given by Mr. William (Bill) Lawton of GTRI. He gave a talk on “5G New Radio”. With all the buzz around 5G, Lawton showed the possible 5G architectures that are being used under 5G New Radio and the specific Radio Access Network areas in which the commercial cellular carriers are implementing the 5G New Radio. It was an insightful discussion on how the use of 5G technology to better the connectivity and experience of consumers is broadly carried out. These events where well attended and the attendance doubled compared to the in-person activities prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

ComSoc will be hosting its first 2020 virtual distinguished lecture on September 15, 2020, when Dr. Huseyin Arslan from the University of South Florida will be discussing “Flexible and Cognitive Radio Access Technologies for 5G and Beyond”. They hope to host more virtual distinguished lectures by the end of 2020. The ComSoc Atlanta Chapter is on pace to become one of the most active ComSoc Chapters and will need support from all of you by taking advantage of the offerings to help increase the value offered by your IEEE membership. In 2021, the ComSoc Atlanta Chapter will be hosting two conferences: SoutheastCon 2021 and RadarCon 2021. Mr. Tamseel is the TPC Co-Chair of SoutheastCon 2021 and is soliciting your participation by submitting your work to either of these conferences. Additionally, the ComSoc Atlanta Chapter has registered an interest to host one of the flagship ComSoc conferences sometime in the future. Please reach out to Mr. Tamseel if you wish to be part of these future activities. Be safe amid this pandemic and let’s learn to innovate in novel ways.