IEEE Activities in Iraq: The IEEE International Conference Multidisciplinary in IT and Communication Science and applications (AIC-MITCSA 2016)

By Sattar B. Sadkhan - Chair of IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter

The IEEE Iraq Section, the IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter, and the IEEE CIS Iraq Chapter, scientifically support the “Jaffar Al-Sadiq University” in Baghdad in its hosting of the IEEE International Conference on Multidisciplinary in IT and Communication Science and Applications (AIC-MITCSA) 9–10 May 2016.

Academic group from many Iraqi universities with the Chairman of Iraq ComSoc Chapter
(Prof. Sattar B. Sadkhan).

The Conference represents one of the great challenges facing the Iraqi scientific community in the last two years, since the last IEEE International Conference (ICECCPCE 2013) at Mosul Technical College 17–18 Dec. 2013. Six months after that conference, Iraq passed through a very critical and difficult time due to the occupation by ISIS forces of many Iraqi cities, such as Mosul, Tikrit, Anbar, and Faluja. More than five universities were closed in these cities, and this had a great effect on the Iraqi scientific community. From that time, the IEEE Iraq section tried to attract many universities to hold the international conferences with the scientific sponsorship of IEEE, to send a great message to the world, that the Iraqi Brain, exists, even though the environments is very difficult! And these efforts succeeded when “Jaffar Al-Sadiq University” organized this conference, which was important in the history of the Iraq scientific activities.

Many students from different Iraqi universities participated in the (Final Year Projects Workshop).

The planning efforts started in June 2015, when groups from both Al-Sadiq University (IT College) and the IEEE Iraq ComSoc Chapter decided to have weekly meetings at Al-Sadiq University to plan the details and determine the requirements of the conference. The Conference was successfully held 9–10 May 2016, and approximately 400 participants attended in the main hall of the Conference. Most of them were from Iraqi Universities, including Basrah, Kufa, Kerbala, Babil, Baghdad, Al-Mustansyria, Iraqia, Technology, Al-Nahrain, Diyala, and Kirkuk, and many ministries sent a representative, icluding Oil, Industry, Electricity, and Communication.

The Conference received 148 papers from the many countries. After careful reviewing, the Scientific Committee decided to accept 59 papers, nine from outside Iraq (UK, France, India, Iran, Bilarus, Poland, Malysia), and 50 from Iraqi universities.

The Conference had two workshops:

  • The Internet of Things workshop included two keynotes, one from Basrah University, and the second from the U.S. (Cisco), with direct communication of his lecture through Webex.

  • The second workshop had the topic, “Iraqi Women in Science and Engineering: Status and Challenges,” with four speakers from Al-Mustansyria University and Diyala University.

The Conference had another very interesting workshop: “The Last Year Projects of Undergraduate Students.” In this workshop, 10 universities participated, and the Scientific Committee nominated six of these projects as best participated projects.

Many participants from Iraqi universities were surprised at the great success of this Conference, and they were very glad that Iraq sent a positive message to the world (through the support of IEEE), that the Iraqi brains exist, and that the Iraqi universities are open and the academic staff is working seriously to follow the progress of science and technology.

This scientific event is just one from many scientific workshops, lectures, and meetings held in many Iraqi cities recently.

A group of participants in the conference after the completion of the opening ceremony on 9 May 2016.