Exclusive Talks on Lightwave & 5G Communications and Tripartite R&D Consortia

By Keattisak Sripimanwat - Chair, IEEE ComSoc Thailand Chapter

Throughout 2021 calendar, IEEE ComSoc Thailand organized three (online) special talks in order to jointly celebrate the 40th anniversary of the IEEE Thailand section (1981- 2021). They are based on optical and mobile communications as well as technology management.

Starting with a topic of “Connecting Us Through Light,” this first talk was given on June 28, 2021 by Paramin Sangwongngam. It contained about what light is, an advantage of using light, and how we guide light: wired and wireless in the internet environment which has a vast impact on people worldwide. Real deployment of optical communications around the world --- space, airborne, terrestrial, and underwater were shown. Finally, the audience then had a glimpse look at a hobby project building an optical transceiver. No prior knowledge of optics, communication engineering or physics is required for attending this event. Its recorded video is at https://youtu.be/iuCxh5MhYHg.

Next, “5G by the National Telecom (NT) Public Company’s team” was organized on November 22. This combined talk began with the introduction to a new emerged national TELCOS (former state-owned telecommunications companies; TOT & CAT), through “5G for smart city” to “5G security and digital platform.” A real use case for the Eastern Economic Corridor Office (EECO) that established a 5G special zone in Rayong’s Ban Chang district, was also shown attractively. It can be rewatched at https://youtu.be/cICh8SMozhI.

Lastly, a Thai quantum information forum’s annual seminar (Q-Thai SEM #4) was organized on November 25. “Tripartite R&D Consortia as a Vehicle for Economic Development” by Michael Leung, a co-founder of Synergia Associates and former vice president of TRLabs (Telecommunications Research Lab, Canada: 1986 - 2019), was publicized. This talk focused on a special category of R&D consortia: tripartite consortia. That composed of governments, academia, large and small companies from manufacturers to service providers to user sectors and discussed how such tripartite consortia could bring benefits to all parties while at the same time, contribute to regional economic development. Since in the era of Industry 4.0 and globalization, R&D joint ventures/consortia have become more and more common. In addition, Q & A session via seven selected questions was delivered. Specially, speaker also recalled his two decades with TRLabs, one of the excellent model to gain tripartite collaboration by industry, government and academia. Those exclusive experiences were shared on Q-Thai.Org forum web with a video https://youtu.be/MIeoIBgnrFA.