Distinguished Lecturer Tour of Claudio da Silva in Brazil

By Fabrício Braga Soares de Carvalho - IEEE Latin America DLT and DSP Coordinator, Brazil

The Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) is an outstanding initiative to enable renowned communications technology experts to share their knowledge, expertise, and insights into the future of communications technology to IEEE ComSoc chapters and members.

During the pandemic that affected in-person activities around the world from 2020-2022, the virtual Distinguished Lecturer Program was responsible for providing high-class lectures to ComSoc members around the world. Several lectures were organized in each IEEE region during the pandemic.

With the expansion of vaccination and the reduction of the pandemic, different in-person activities were organized in different parts of the world to IEEE ComSoc members. In this context, a Distinguished Lecturer Tour was organized and held in different cities in Brazil during September 2022.

Dr. Claudio da Silva, a ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer, accepted the invitation to visit Brazil and share his knowledge and market experience with IEEE members from different parts of the country. In the end of September 2022, Dr. Claudio da Silva arrived in Brazil to present some exciting lectures in different cities of the country. Cities from different parts of Brazil were selected, aiming that professionals, undergraduate and graduate students and ComSoc members from different regjons would benefit for the direct contact with a renowned lecturer.

A total of 6 lectures were presented by Dr. Claudio da Silva in three different cities in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro; Belém do Pará; and Santa Rita do Sapucaí. In the last city visited (Santa Rita do Sapucaí), Dr. Claudio da Silva was a keynote speaker in the 40th Brazilian Telecommunications and Signal Processing Symposium. The topics presented during this tour were “The IEEE 802.11 standard and its constant evolution to meet new demands,” “An Introduction to Wi-Fi Sensing and the IEEE 802.11bf Standard” and “Enhancing Wi-Fi Sensing: Definitions, Features, and Applications of IEEE 802.11bf.”

Based on the successful experience and the excellent feedback provided by the audience from the different cities visited by Dr. Claudio da Silva, IEEE ComSoc Latin America aims to organize more Distinguished Lecturer Tours in the region in the next years. Contact: Prof. Fabrício Braga Soares de Carvalho (fabricio.braga@ieee.org).