Conferences and Student Activities in Iraq in 2023

By Sattar B. Sadkhan - IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter Chair

IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter with cooperation with IEEE Iraq section have a great efforts in holding many scientific activities with the Iraqi Universities in all Iraq region (from South to North of Iraq, and Kurdistan Region)… Many Academical friends in these universities invite the Iraq ComSoc Chapter and Section volunteers to participate in making these activities hold in best manner. In this report I will summarize some of the important Activities hold within a part of year 2023. And I hope that any friend read this report will give us his/her opinion about our activities

Third AL-SADIQ International Scientific Conference – Al-Muthana City.

One of activities was a meeting with (Imam AlKadhum College - Branch of Al-Qadisiya), to discuss the possibilities of holding International Conference in this college technically sponsored by IEEE represented by IEEE Iraq section, IEEE COMSOC Iraq Chapter and IEEE CIS Iraq Chapter at the (Dec. 2023), and we discussed with the dean of college many important aspects that must be considered in order to have a good organized and successful international conference.

With the help of God Almighty, we participated in the Third AL-SADIQ International Scientific Conference on Communications and Information Technology, which lasted for three days, from 4-6 July 2023. The conference was organized by Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq University, and technically sponsored by IEEE represented by: IEEE Iraq section IEEE COMSOC Iraq Chapter and IEEE CIS Iraq Chapter. Participated in this conference many academics from many Iraqi Universities, and from outside Iraq. It was a great honor for the organizer to have this conference for the first time in (Al-Muthana City) in the South of Iraq region.

The chair of IEEE Iraq, Abbas S. Bader, in cooperation with IEEE Iraq section, organize Student Activities (September 2023) in Babylon City, Communication Institute of Iraq – Ministry of Communication. The second time, the communication Institute of Iraq supported the IEEE Iraq Activities, especially with for the students in Secondary Schools. One of the Universities in Babylon city, Al-Mustaqbal University, supports this event and many other students’ scientific effects.

Many students from Secondary Schools were invited to participate their scientific activities within their education and learning different scientific topics. It was a very interesting activity because many students were participating in their talks and their ideas about how to think in the future and how they can offer acceptable future projects.

One of other important International scientific activities was holding the International Conference of Kerbala University- Pure Science College (Sept. 24-26, 2023), the fourth International Scientific Conference, and the seventh National Science Conference 2023- ISC-SNC-2023. The Conference technically sponsored by IEEE represented by IEEE Iraq section, IEEE COMSOC Iraq Chapter, and IEEE CIS Iraq Chapter.

Student Activities in Babylon City.

The conference held in cooperation with the Hilla University College at Babylon City. The most important aspects related to this scientific conference is the submitted papers were more than 300 papers, and the final accepted were about 120. Most of the accepted papers were locally submitted by their authors, and just about 20 papers were submitted online. The conference was successfully organized by the organizer.

One of the very active scientific Universities in the Kurdistan Region in North of Iraq – Erbil city, is the Ishik International University. In October, we have an invitation from the Precedence of the university, to signing the MoU with Ishik International University, for organizing new IEEE Conference Scientifically sponsored by IEEE represented by IEEE Iraq Section. Also, the International Scientific (SSD) Group will be considered as organizer for this conference. The conference will be held in April 2024. The Signing of The Conference MoU was with the Main Chair of Ishik International University (Prof. Dr. Idress).