Activities of the IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter in 2018

By Sattar B. Sadkhan - IEEE ComSoc Iraq Chapter Chair

The IEEE Communications Society Iraq Chapter, in cooperation with the IEEE Iraq section and the IEEE CIS Iraq Chapter, enhanced the technical sponsorship of seven International Scientific Conferences within Iraqi universities. These are:

  • Diyala University–Engineering College, January 2018.
  • Wasit University–Engineering College, March 2018.
  • Islamic University in Al-Najef City, May 2018.
  • Zakho and Duhook Poly-technique Universities, October 2018.
  • Al-Mansour University College, November 2018.
  • Al-kitab University, December 2018.
  • University of Technology, December 2018.

All these conferences were well organized and controlled scientifically by the volunteering academics of the Communications Society Iraq Chapter and Iraq Section, and the CIS Iraq Chapter. There were many great challenges faced by the Iraqi academics to support the realization of these International conferences.

One of the important points that needs to be mentioned here is that within the Conference of Zakho University and Duhook Poly-technique University, papers from 11 countries were submitted in addition to the papers submitted from Iraq. This is the first time that this many countries participated in an international conference held in Iraq.