The 4th IEEE Turkey ComSoc Summit

By Gokcenaz Ozgel - IEEE ComSoc Turkey Chapter, Turkey, Ismail Cem Tuzun - IEEE ComSoc Turkey Chapter, Turkey, Mertcan Kuzan - IEEE ComSoc Turkey Chapter, Turkey and Tunçer Baykas - IEEE ComSoc Turkey Chapter Chair, Turkey

The 4th IEEE Turkey ComSoc Summit was held and organized by the IEEE Turkey Communications Society Chapter (Tunçer Baykas, Chair) and hosted by IEEE Izmir Institute of Technology Student Branch. During the event, institutions and companies specializing in the electronic communication industry held technical Q&A sessions and presentations aimed at engineering students as well as other participants interested in these industries.

There were three sessions on the first day of the organization. In the first session, Turk Telekom Mobile Operations Manager Mr. Omer Zorlu talked about the current state of 5G technologies in Turkey and the world, and discussed the new technical possibilities 5G technology will bring. Afterward, in the next session, Mehmet Emin Deniz and Handenur Co?kun from Orion Innovation talked about cloud, communications and software technologies as well as their career experiences. In the last session of the day, Head of Software in Ericsson Turkey Office, Mr. Aykal Gumus, discussed the opportunities regarding the industrial usage areas of 5G technologies and their development on IoT devices in his presentation. After each session, participants were gifted plaques prepared for them as thanks for their presentations and contributions to the organization.

Students and Engin Demirbora during the networking session.

The second and last day of the organization started with the opening speeches and the networking session. The day continued with Hyperion Telecom Project Director Engin Demirbora’s presentation. He talked about existing problems and future development methods of optical technologies and answered the audience’s questions during the Q&A session. During the final session of the organization, Mr. Burak Görkemli from Argela Technologies gave a presentation about the innovations that 5G technology can bring to the communication industry within the scope of cloud technologies. The last day’s participants were also gifted their plaques, and the organization ended with the organization’s team members receiving plaques for their hard work organizing the event.

Thanks to this organization, participants learned more about the communication industry and what they should expect if they decide to pursue a career in that field. In addition to gaining information about new technologies and the possible features of 5G technologies could bring about, technical seminars, projects, and opportunities about the future of the electronic communications industry were also shared with future engineers and individuals interested in communication technologies. In addition to technical presentations and briefings, the organization also included a mobile base station observation session, technical office tours, and mock interviews.

Omer Zorlu talking about the mobile base station.