100 Issues of the New Global Communications Newsletter!

By Stefano Bregni - Vice-President for Member and Global Activities, Editor of the Global Communications Newsletter
Stefano Bregni

This issue of the Global Communications Newsletter has a special significance for me: it is Issue No. 100 under my responsibility as Editor!

Almost 10 years ago, I was appointed by Tom La Porta, at that time Director of Magazines of the IEEE Communications Society, to revive our Newsletter, whose publication had been discontinued a couple of years before.

After few months of work to set up the new Editorial Board and solicit the first contributions from ComSoc Chapters, publication resumed. Finally, Issue No. 1 of the new series of the GCN was ready. Ending a long period of absence, the February 2008 issue of IEEE Communications Magazine featured again our four light blue pages, opened by my introduction, “The Global Communications Newsletter is Back!”.

Since then, the GCN has come a long way. We have worked to improve the variety of contents. We have been publishing more and more articles not exclusively from Chapters but also from other contributors, reporting news and events from all Regions.

We also worked on the graphical style. With the issue of October 2014 (No. 71), we abandoned the traditional old-style layout, nearly unchanged since the beginning, for the new sharp look of today. The current graphical layout dresses the articles with a contemporary style, which I hope readers appreciate as I do.

Whenever I have the opportunity, I like to affirm that our GCN is indeed “The Voice of the Chapters”. Once again, I cordially invite all Chapter officers to contribute to the GCN by submitting the reports of their best activities. You do a lot of good things in your Chapter: please share with all ComSoc members and let everyone know!