Global Communications Newsletter (GCN)


Making San Diego Better Off: From Antenna Workshop to Science Fair

By Liangping Ma - InterDigital Communications, Inc., IEEE ComSoc San Diego Chapter Chair, USA

Like any other IEEE ComSoc chapter, we, the San Diego ComSoc chapter, are part of a much larger community, professionals in electrical engineering and computer science who may or may not be IEEE members, as well as young students who will become the next generation of electrical engineers and computer scientists. We strongly believe that the better off the larger community, the better off the IEEE. While serving IEEE members, we reach out to offer training opportunities to non-member professionals and to inspire the growth of young students (high school students and below).


IEEE Green ICT Envisions a Smart and Sustainable Future

By Charles Despins - ÉTS Université du Québec, Montreal, Canada, Jaafar Elmirghani - University of Leeds, UK and Thierry Klein - Nokia, NJ, USA, IEEE Green ICT Initiative Co-Chairs

Currently transforming all spheres of human activity, at a level greater than the industrial revolution, the Information and Communication Technology sector (ICT) is emerging in the 21st century as the dominant driver of sustainability, with the potential to reconcile economic growth, environmental protection and societal benefits. It is a key tool in the fight against climate change as it can enable a 20 percent reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. However, achieving such outcomes will require a holistic approach to the proper design, broad application...


IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter: Winner of the 2016 Chapter Achievement Award

By Iti Saha Misra - Kolkata Chapter Chair, India

To begin, ComSoc’s Chairperson of the Kolkata Section, Prof. Iti Saha Misra, would like to convey her sincere thanks to the leaders of IEEE ComSoc Global Activities for considering the Kolkata Chapter as one of the winners for CAA-2016. The year 2016 was a very eventful year for the IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter.

The Chapter organized two DLTs. On 20 June Prof. Luiz Da Silva of Trinity College Dublin delivered a lecture on “Sharing Infrastructure and Spectrum: A Vision for the Future of Mobile Networks” with 65 attendees from academia and industry...