Global Communications Newsletter (GCN)


IEEE Day 2017 Celebrated by IEEE ComSoc Karachi Chapter

By Anum Talpur - Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Pakistan

The Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET), Pakistan, in collaboration with IEEE Karachi, IEEE ComSoc Karachi, IEEE MUET and the Higher Education Commission (HEC), celebrated IEEE Day on 9 October 2017. The IEEE MUET student branches provided student volunteer support for the successful completion of the event.

The event started with a cake cutting ceremony. Later on, a welcome speech was given by Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (FEECE), who is also the...


ComSoc Sister Society: The Forum for European ICT & Media Professionals (FITCE) Explores the Challenges Posed by Digital Transformation

By Edward Smith - UK representative on the FITCE Board

FITCE (the Forum for European ICT & Media Professionals) is a federation of national associations in each of its 10 member countries and is a Sister Society of the IEEE Communication Society (ComSoc), with which it signed cooperation and publication side agreements in 2015. It allows its members to keep in touch with leading ICT developments and aspires to build strong cultural and business ties between Eurpean ICT (Information and Communications Technology) professionals. This is achieved by encouraging members to benefit from the experience acquired by other members in all ICT fields, and in particular provide support to young professionals as they develop their careers.


IEEE 5G Summit Shanghai, China

By Chong Han - Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, Xinwan Li - IEEE ComSoc Shanghai Chapter Chair, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China and Xudong Wang - Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Recently, the IEEE Communications Society has developed a strategic framework based on the principles that embrace industry’s interests and priorities while integrating the objectives of IEEE and ComSoc. In order to engage industry members with high value and innovative technologies, the IEEE Communications Society plans to hold a series of high impact one-day Summits in emerging technology areas under the 5G realm.

The IEEE Shanghai 5G Summit was held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, on Friday, July 28, 2017. The honorary venue was located in Qian Xuesen Library and...